About Me


Artist’s Biography

Susan Davies is an abstract artist who works in her studio in Oakville, Ontario.  Susan has a BFA from McMaster University and a BEd from University of Western Ontario.  She has been an art educator for many years with the Halton District School Board.

Susan’s work is about discovery. She creates new and unique spaces using simple organic and geometric forms. Using acrylic paint in layers she builds and rebuilds her abstract compositions until a balance of colour, line and form is achieved and the painting “reveals” itself.  Susan tries to control the chaos.  

Artist’s Statement

Making art is integral to my well being and has been since childhood.  My cluttered studio is my happy place.  I paint everyday.  In person I can be shy but in art I am not.  My artwork is bold.  

Painting in acrylic allows me to redo sections of my work and to overlap and layer.  Acrylic is forgiving.  I am interested in patterns found in nature such as animal stripes and spots,  geometry such as circles, repetition and texture.   I like the effect of layering shapes and colours to achieve depth. 

I create organic spaces that could be from the natural world.