About The Artist

About Me

I was introduced to painting as a child. My mother, Jane Davies, largely painted botanicals and scenes looking out various windows of our home. Her art successes were stymied with the chaos of a bipolar disorder. Though being parented by someone with a mental illness had its challenges, love for art is something that brought us together and I continue a passion for painting. 

Dedicated to daily experimentation, my art is a passionate expression of continual growth. I embarked on the study of fine art and taught young artists for 28 years. My work has been featured in juried shows, art auctions and exhibitions.

Painting largely in acrylic on canvas, my technique is such. I loosely draw shapes, paint, then draw again, repeating the process until a composition, complex and balanced is achieved.  Highlight and shadow are added to show depth and overlapping emphasizes ambiguous layers in my work. Painting, for me, is a process of correction and improvement. 

My artwork has an energy of movement. It is about excitement.

I work from a studio space in my Oakville home.